Are you ready for the battle?


Mutant Food Battle Club is the NFT Universe's first 1 on 1 fighting game, featuring 5,555 mutant food characters equipped with weapons and unique fighting capabilities

Cal See-Um

Cal See-Um is a born fighter. With powerful special moves, he's trouble in every way. Warning: Don't call him lite!

brocco lee

Brocco Lee is lethal battler who built his vicious pantry art fighting style by studying Bruce Lee videos. Avoid him!

coconut bronut

Known throughout the kitchenverse for his brute strength & strong political opinions, Bronut is a formidable fighter

rock'rolla carrot

Born in the ganglands of south central kitchen, Rock'Rolla has fast hands and laser eye special moves. Watch out!


Stage 1 - Q3 2021

  • Mutant Food Battle Club game conceived
  • Assemble our superhero team of devs, designers, marketers & crypto natives
  • Dev team starts working on game prototypes and website
  • Art design our first 10 Mutant Food characters
  • Design branding & start building website
  • Social media launch

Stage 2 - Q4 2021

  • Launch website
  • Engage influencers and ramp up marketing
  • More art reveals, game animations, videos and hype
  • Work begins on NFT marketplace for sale of in-game assets
  • Finalise whitelist and prep for pre-sale
  • NFT Pre Sale goes live on our website! Public sale!
  • Final Mutant Food characters not sold in pre-sale go live on OpenSea

Stage 3 - Q1 2022

  • Game development goes into overdrive
  • ERC20 token development
  • Publicity for the MFBC ICO with game footage released
  • ICO Pre sale
  • Beta launch of MFBC game! We keep moving forward to full release and major ICO!
  • We keep moving forward to full release and major ICO!


The Ecosystem

Purpose built for the play-to-earn model, 5,555 unique battlers can be bred, sold or loaned to win their owners crypto

The Game

Mutant Food Battle Club is the NFT Universe's first 1-on-1 fighting game. Use unique fighting capabilities, weapons and special moves to win crypto!

The Utility

We want to pack in as much value for holders as we can. So 5% of monthly secondary sales will be gifted to owners in a lottery, 2% will be gifted in a secret bonus format and 3% will be dedicated to fighting cancer.

The MFBC Future

The work on improving the MFBC metaverse is never over. More value for holders, improving the game and investing into the community will be our daily commitment.

Mutant Food NFT


Only 5,555 Mutant Food Battle Club characters will be minted in our genesis drop, with 10 different foods and over 120 rarities. Many attributes will be 1 of 1

team & advisors

Mutant Food Battle Club is being built by a deadly squad of game developers, crypto natives, designers and marketers with 20+ years experience in creative endeavours

Diva Illustro

Chief Artist. Pixel Pusher. Visual Imagination Expert.


M4rtin PDG & Lupmax

Crypto Advisory Team. Tokenomics & Staking Design.


OG Stampy
Diva Illustro
Crypto Cook
Mohammed & Toasty Tuna
M4rtin PDG & Lupmax


We’re an upcoming play-to-earn crypto game, where players can win crypto in an action-packed, 1 on 1 fighting game built on Unity. The project begins with an NFT drop on Opensea.

Only 5,555 unique Mutant FoodBattle Club NFT’s will be minted.

MFBC will be able to be minted from late November 2021.

Ethereum gas fees are a complete joke. So we are now planning to use Immutable X and have been accepted into their program.

Mint price will be the low price of 0.0377 Eth + Gas Fees (Should be minimal with Immutable X).

Yes, we’re planning on a pre-sale on our website and public sale on Opensea. If things get heated in the kitchen, we have plans for a mint pass on Opensea. Our Discord is the place to be for announcements.